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We would first like to welcome you to our site and introduce ourselves. I am Torri Gayle, and my husband, Robbie and I started camping many years ago with a tent and a few sleeping bags. We did this with our children to get them away from the electronic world and try to forge those close bonds that are created from spending time together. What better way to do that than cram all into a tent right? NO!!! Don't get me wrong, we truly enjoyed our tenting experience but I quickly found that roughing it with 6 children was not something I wanted to do for long periods of time but yet we still enjoyed the outdoors so much. Needless to say, over time we upgraded through many campers and traveled to many campgrounds which became some of the fondest memories we have as a family.

While on a trip to Gatlinburg from Atlanta my husband and I passed through this beautiful part of North GA and all my memories of camping in this area with my grandparents came flooding back. We vowed we would someday live here and let this be our home. Fast forward to today and we have a thriving business that can give your family the same memories and we now offer you quality RV rentals with a little bit of personal charm that can be mobile or already set up as a site/RV combo package. Let us find you the perfect camping situation for you!

When you drive up, its all here for you to just drive up and start your camping experience. Its perfect for those of you wanting to try camping for the first time or even for you seasoned campers to just relax and enjoy without the hassle.

We hope you enjoy one of our beautiful Rv's. I think you will be pleasantly surprised the local area and all it's mountain charm.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Come Relax, enjoy, stay and play then come again another day!


Robert & Torri Gayle

*NOTICE- Windy Sky Rentals, LLC is solely owned and operated . Windy sky RENTALS, LLC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items while you are renting our units.